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Butcher Block CountersCountertops   Quartz CountersCountertops
Solid Wood Countertops   Quartz Countertops
Butcher Block   Quartz Counters

One of the hottest design trends in todays marketplace is the use of solid wood for an island surface and a stone product for outside countertops.


An alternative to granite that has been growing in the marketplace is natural Quartz countertops.

Granite CountersCountertops   Laminate CountersCountertops
Granite Countertops   Laminate Countertops
Granite Counters   Laminate Counters

While granite countertops have lust some of their luster in recent years, they are still a popular choice for for kitchen counters.

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A cheaper alternative to expensive stone countertops, Laminate has been used for decades as kitchen counter surfaces.

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Concrete CountersCountertops   Glass CountersCountertops
Concrete Countertops   Glass Countertops
Concrete Counters   Glass Counters

Concrete countertops are a recent trend in the industry. They can be used in modern kitchens & baths.

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Glass countertops are suitable for some kitchen designs. Generally they are used for a bar or breakfast counter.

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Stainless Steel CountersCountertops   Solid Surface CountersCountertops
Stainless Steel Countertops   Solid Surface Countertops
Stainless Counters   Solid Surface Counters

Stainless steel has been used for quite a while as countertops in commercial kitchens. Recently some people have opted to install them in residential kitchens.

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Made by blending acrylic polymers and stone-derived materials, Solid Surface countertops offer a unique appearance and colour.

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