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Quartz countertops are offered in two different versions, natural and engineered. Natural quartz countertops are made from large quartz slabs and fabricated in the same way granite is.

Engineered quartz countertops are made from 95% natural crushed quartz and 5% polymer resins. Engineered quartz countertops retain much of the toughness of quartz but display increased ductility due to the resin, improving impact resistance. Countertops are more scratch resistant as well as less porous than natural quartz surfaces. Many different colours and patterns are available in the market.

Quartz offers many different colours and patterns.

Both types of quartz countertops are very durable. Engineered quartz has shown to be more resitant to straching.

Quartz countertop prices vary depending on quality and detail work. Expect to pay between $70 and $150 per square foot.

Natural quartz is slightly porous and will require sealing like granite. Engineered quartz counters do not require annual sealing.

Generally speaking natural quartz is not the greenest material on the market today. Some manufacturers do offer green quartz counters that make use of recycled content.

The most popular Quartz countertop manufacturer in North America is Cambria Quartz. They have manufacturing plants in both Canada and the United States. Their quartz countertops can be readily found at a number of kitchen & bath dealers in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. They also have dealers in most small Canadian cities.

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