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Solid wood countertops, also known in the marketplace as butcher block countertops, are an extremely green product made from renewable resources.

Popular wood species include maple, oak, walnut and cherry. Many other species are available that offer different colours and grain patterns. There are three main construction methods, end grain, edge grain and flat grain. Edge grain is by far the most popular.

A hot trend in today's marketplace is combining a stone perimter surface with a solid wood kitchen island. This makes for a stunning combination that makes a kitchen very distinct.

Solid wood is of mediun durability strength. If hit hard enough it can be dented or scratched like most other materials. However, unlike many other materials it can be easily refinished.

Solid Wood countertop prices vary depending on quality, wood species and detail work. Simple maple counters can be purchased for around $30 per square foot. Exotic species and heavy detailed counters can run as much as $150-$200 per square foot.

Solid wood requires annual sealing.

Solid wood is one of the greenest materials available in the marketplace. It is the only material that is truly renewable.

The most popular manufacturer of solid wood countertops is Black Loon Millworks. They offer a wide range of species, edges and custom options. They also manufacturer a standard size countertop line that can be purchased direct.

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